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After a friend told me that my old scratched-up Nalgene plastic water bottle caused breast cancer, my husband and I co-founded Klean Kanteen with fellow Chicoan Robert Seals, believing an “inert” stainless steel bottle was a simple solution to toxic plastic problems. We quickly realized a stainless bottle made in China was complicit in a new set of problems like overseas shipping, pollution, human-rights abuses, and possible heavy-metal leaching. A lot of our customers shared concerns over Made in China or complained the stainless water bottles tasted metallic. A decade later, these real issues led us back to a Julia Butterfly Hill question that began it all: why doesn’t someone make this (plastic water bottle in one hand) out of this (stainless steel bowl in other hand)? We realized a safe, durable material was right under our nose all along: Clay from the top layer of dirt, Earth. Earthen stoneware ceramics. In 2014 we launched Earth-In Canteen, a return to an ancient way to carry water, free from hidden health hazards. We hand-craft our ceramic bottles in Northern California from American clay and certified lead-free, non-toxic glazes. We invite you and your customers to enjoy the peace of drinking pure water from a perfectly natural, honest & sustainably-made canteen.