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We helped start up a steel water bottle company over a decade ago. The reasons for the stainless bottle were clear as day: the chemical BPA lurked in our favorite Nalgene polycarbonate plastic reusable water bottles. Unable to source a manufacturer in the US, we agreed that manufacturing in China was a lesser evil than the health effects of endocrine-active (EA) plastics and the environmental disaster of single-use plastic wrappers and containers. The ends seem to justify the means. Financial contributions to non-profits and carbon offsets were adopted to mitigate our footprints. But can you really offset the harsh realities of mining, shipping containers across the earth, unprecedented pollution and human rights violations in Tibet? Our product was a solution to some big problems but also complicit in others.

A decade later these real concerns led us back to a question that began it all: why doesn’t someone make this (bottle) out of this (material)?

It was right under our nose all along: Clay from the top layer of ground here in the US, Earth. Earthen. We bring you the Earth-In Canteen, a return to an ancient and truly natural way to carry water, designed and fired in Northern California from American clay and certified lead-free, non-toxic glazes.

We anticipated some skepticism: Stoneware is durable but can break and looks heavy. We’ve adjusted to the differences just fine and it feels amazing. Why not mix functional art and hydration? We invite you to feel the peace of drinking pure water from a local, perfectly natural, and totally sustainably-made canteen. We asked our gut what was good and this is it.